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Product Description

Composition of the model and their meanings:

K—(Mining Safety Lamp)

L— (Li-ion capacity battery)

2.5—(Rated capacity)

L—(LED Lights source)

M—(Maintenance free)

A— (Design series number)

Wholesale Price (as below)

Quantity(piece) Price(Per piece) Processing Time/Delivery Time
1-2 $50.00 5-7 Days(free shipping to USA)
3-10 $31.12 7 Days(free shipping to USA)
11-29 $27.30 7 Days(free shipping to USA)
30-62 $22.52 7 Days(free shipping to USA)
63-600 $21.28 7 Days(free shipping to USA)

P.S Each light comes with headband and wall charger & car charger.

The price includes the freight cost to U.S.; for other countries, there will be a bit discrepancy on freight cost.


  1. Model: KL2.5LM(A)
  2. Place of Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China
  3. Life: 50,000h
  4. Color: Black
  5. Input Voltage: AC110-250V
  6. Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  7. Light Source: 1 + 6 LED. The work of the main light 1W high power LED, anxiliary lights 1 + 6 LED full light ( small current) anxiliary lighting.
  8. P.S: When the battery capacity is not much left, the mine lamp will automatically switch to auxiliary light. So it can lengthen working hours.
  9. Made of bulletproof glasses material, compact and lightweight, free of maintenance
  10. Illumination angle: 90 degrees adjustable
  11. Intelligent Charge Management: Charging and full of electric lights turn directions, Overcharge and over discharge intelligent protection, Extended battery and lamp’s life.
  12. Lighting Time: for the main light, continuous illumination is more than 13 hours; for auxiliary lights, continuous illumination can be more than 20 hours.
  13. Explosion proof, water proof, dust proof, moisture proof and impact proof.
  15. Charger: Input AC110-265V, 50-60 Hz 150mA; Output DC4.2V 450-600mA


    1. Please use our charger to charging the lights only.
    2. In the first time or after long-tern no using, please use the charger to charging till the indicator turns green.
    3. Please turn off lamp when it is charged in order to guarantee lifetime of mine lamp.
  16. Charging Time: 8 hours
  17. Usages:
    1. This product is suitable for all kinds of application, like coal mining, marine using, exploration working, flood prevention, tapping rubber, outdoor adventure, fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and other related industries.
    2. It is also suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting.

Technical Data for LED miners lights KL2.5LM(A)

No. Item   Value Unit Remark
1 Rated Voltage   3.7 V  
2 Rated Capacity   2.2 Ah  
3 Lighting Time Main Light >13 hr  
Auxiliary Light >20
4 Illumination Start of Lighting >3000 Lx 1m away from the lamp
Lighting for 11 hours >>1500
5 Battery Cycle Life Max 800 Cycle  
6 Weight of LED miners lights 140 g  
7 Package G.W. <500 g  

led mining lights with car charger

led mining lights charger

led mining lights box

led miners lights box

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  • Model: KL2.5LM(A)
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